Asafoetida Powder

Asafoetida Powder

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Asafoetida Powder.

Asafoetida Powder also known as Devil's Dung, is said to Ward Off Evil, Exorcise Negative Spirits, and Draw Protection.

Perfect in Spells of Protection, Uncrossing, Jinx-Removal.

Asafoetida is a strong smelling powder that is said to make the Devil Run.

To get rid of bothersome folks, or trouble makers burn powder on Charcoal and say "With this Devil's Dung I hereby demand, command and compel ... to leave me alone..." Follow up with a prayer to Archangel Michael for additional protection.

Asafoetida's fowl smell can make anyone gag or worse, so use with caution and small amounts go a long way.

Asafoetida is also known to ward off illness.

In Conjure/Hoodoo Asafoetida is also an herb that can be used to curse a target.  

Luna Enchanted uses the finest botanicals, herbs, roots, berries, seeds etc. Botanicals come pre-bagged. 

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