Reiki Energy Healing Sessions at Luna Enchanted

Luna Enchanted is happy to offer Reiki Energy Healing Sessions. 

Nurture your body, mind & spirit with a Reiki Energy Healing Session. Reiki is a simple, natural & effective method of spiritual healing and self-improvement. It can release negative attachments & heal the body on all levels. It works to relax the body, balance energies, & reduce stress. Reiki will work in harmony with all other medical or therapeutic techniques. 

Reiki is offered through light non-invasive touch. The practitioner may hold/hover their hands just over the body. Sometimes the practitioner's hands may feel warm. You may experience/feel refreshed & may seem to be thinking more clearly.  You may feel a deep sensation of relaxation or even fall asleep. You may feel less pain, for example, if you had a headache it could be gone.

The experience of Reiki is subjective, changeable,& sometimes very subtle. Other common experiences are subtle pulsations throughout the body. Reiki can never hurt you. After a session it is best to stay hydrated & drink plenty of water to help flush the body of any toxins. 

Luna is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher with over 13 years experience. To book a Reiki healing session with Luna or one of the Reiki practitioners at Luna Enchanted please call the shop at 845-233-0999 or email

Reiki Sessions: 30 Minute Session $55

                          45 Minute Session $85

                          1 hour Session $111