Crystal Reiki Certification

Crystal Reiki Certification Level 1  



Crystal Reiki Level 1


Are you obsessed with crystals and stones?
Are you an energy healer looking to expand your practice?
Are you new to Reiki and want to start your healing practice?
Are you feeling energetically drained and want to learn to heal yourself?
Crystal Reiki is an energy healing system in which you are “energetically attuned” to the Energies and symbols of Crystal Reiki. It is taught in 3 levels similar to Usui Reiki.
This Course is open to 6 people only. If you would like to hold your spot please contact Luna at 845-233-0999 (Text or Call)
Due to covid -19 restrictions and social distancing guidlines. Everyone must wear a mask, and use hand sanitizer provided.
The first level course in this 3-part series will help you begin to self-heal, “ get out of your own way”, so that you may become a clear channel for healing energies.
This first course teaches you grounding and centeredness techniques which will help you to perform Crystal Reiki healing to your highest potential.
During this first level or stage of attunement, your energetic or auric body becomes awakened and attuned to the first five Crystal Reiki Symbols.
Including the Life Cycle Energy Crystal Layout Symbol, the Kundalini Crystal Layout Symbol, the Spinal Energy Layout Symbol, the Grounding Layout Symbol, and the Centering Layout Symbol) which are central to the Crystal Reiki healing modality.
You will also receive the Reikiflow Crystal Healing Symbol and you will learn how to utilize it for cleansing and programming your crystals.
Crystal Reiki uses its own unique set of 15 symbols, along with crystals, as well as its own specialized techniques for using the symbols and crystals.
Crystal Energy acts in unison with Reiki Energy. It amplifies the power of Reiki. Crystal Reiki can heal the Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.
In Crystal Reiki Level 1 class you will receive:
The attunement to the first five (5) symbols
Crystal Reiki Level 1 Manual
1-Heart Crystal and
7 -Clear Quartz single terminated points (necessary for the attunement process)
Level 1 Certificate
In Crystal Reiki Level 1 class you will learn:
The significance of the symbols
How to use the five symbols and crystals for self-Healing, and healing others.
How to use specific crystals in sessions for others.
**You may need additional stones that will be presented in class when you start doing Crystal Reiki sessions but you do not need them for the class itself. There is a 30% Discount on all stones for students who want to purchase any additional stones for this class.**
Energy Exchange for level 1 is $222
$70 deposit due by wed 4/10
Call shop at 845-236-9567
Or text Luna at 845-233-0999
$152 balance due at class
Class is 10:00 am-6:00 pm 4/18/21
Luna Hacker is a Reiki Master teacher in the Usui Natural system of healing, Sechim/Sekhem Reiki Master teacher, Crystal Reiki Master teacher, Rainbow Reiki Master teacher, Etheric Surgery Master Teacher, IET Practitioner, Certified Sound healer in crystal bowls, & Tuning fork therapy, Certified herbalist, Metaphysician, Psychic Medium, and Proprietress of Luna Enchanted.
**Important Covid-19 Information**
Everyone must wear a face mask. NO Mask No Entry!!! Please use hand-sanitizer provided on entry.
We ask if you are not feeling well, have fever, cough etc, or have been exposed to Covid 19, for the safety of others---please do not attend event. Call to cancel if possible.
Here at Luna Enchanted we take the health and safety of our clients, customers, and staff very seriously! We are following the recommended CDC and NYS Health Guidelines. For more information about this event, the shoppe or to book appointment with one of our psychics please call or text Luna.