What is an Empath? Are you an Empath?


What is an Empath? Are you an Empath? Your energy greets people the moment you meet them! Empaths can read and sense other people’s energy quite easily and naturally.

An Empath is someone who is sensitive to the energy around them. They have the ability to understand the feelings & experiences of others from the other person’s perspective.

How do you know your an Empath? If you can answer yes to the following you may be. Do you often feel what other people are feeling? Do you cry when you see another person cry? Do you often feel overwhelmed with emotion all of a sudden & without explanation? Do you have a lower tolerance for ego, drama and unnecessary anger ? Do you absorb other people’s emotions? Do you feel overwhelmed in a crowd? Do you often feel the need to be alone in order to breathe or reflect? Do world events or the news make you uncomfortable or feel unbearable?

If you answered yes to many or all of the above you may find that you are an empath. It is essential for empaths to regularly check in with themselves to see if the energy they are feeling is theirs or is coming from outside of themselves.

It is vital that empaths shield & protect themselves from negative influences, and energies, as well as Spiritual Cleanse themselves. Using Florida Water , Rose Water, or waters made specifically for empaths like No Energy Suckers, or Witches Shield is a great way to protect and cleanse your auric body and energy. Spiritual Baths or Sea Salt Baths are also great for cleansing and removing unwanted energies. Essential oils such as clove, patchouli and vetiver are also grounding and protective. Crystals and Stones such as Snowflake Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, Hematite, Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Selenite to name a few, can assist you with grounding and protection.

The upside to being an empath is that you are likely in touch with your intuition and are also a good judge of character. Usually empaths are quite creative, and compassionate people. They are aware of the world around them and tend to have a caring demeanor. Often empaths work in professions where they can help or attend to others. They are usually natural healers and are generally helpful. Usually empaths are also good with animals and children.

If you are an empath, the next time you feel overwhelmed by someone’s energy remember its your Super Power!