Revocation of your Soul or Sacred Contracts

 A Sacred or Soul Contract is a spiritual contract you made before entering this life. It is an agreement that is created with your Spirit Guides to help your soul evolve. Often these agreements are life lessons and of course these lessons often come along with help from other people. These other folks are sharing in your soul contract and participate in your incarnation this time around.

Everyone you encounter in one way or another participates in your soul's journey. And specifically, soul mates play a large role in our journey. A soul mate is often a relationship with a friend, family member or lover that you previously knew in a past life, and before entering this lifetime, made a sacred or soul contract to participate in each other's life this time around.

So these soul mates have agreed to or signed up to help you with your soul's evolution. Soul contracts often have lessons attached to them. We may choose to have partners that test us or relationships that are intense or even causing pain or hardships. We may have agreed to have certain circumstances unfold in our lives. 

Here is the thing, You do not have to continue to participate in these relationships or circumstances in this lifetime or in future lives. You can opt out.

So how do you opt out of a Sacred or Soul Contract?  You can revoke the contract! 

Revocation of your soul or sacred contracts is possible! You may cancel that which you no longer accept, desire, or want. Your vibration is shifting as is your perspective. Your agreements are null and void. There is a new day!

You are no longer helpless. You can consciously change and shift your energy to align your soul with your purpose. You no longer have to carry energetic baggage and outdated contracts made out of commitments and possibly duress.

Declaring your sovereignty is the first step in order to break free of these prior requirements. You can reverse these contracts, make them null and void, and take back your power and free will. You can awaken and align your energy to your higher self.

Whatever you think you have to "do" or "become" is only an illusion. You are already moving away from these preconceived notions. You are simply blind to the power that is your own. You are seeing a distorted image and when you clear away this image you can awaken to your true potential and power. 

Some contracts we are tricked into and it is important to revoke these. Some of us experience abusive relationships or get stuck in an energy pattern that requires us to repeat past mistakes. You can change this and break free from this matrix. You have the power to erase any and all mistakes, break free from binds that hold you to relationship that hurt you or impair you.

We are energy and energy can be changed and shifted. You can attract what you desire and align with your soul's frequency. You have the ability to step into alignment with your authentic self. You no longer have to accept the Lord's of Karma at work in your life. You can break free of the illusion. You are in charge and can design your own life.

The following " Soul Contract Revocation" is a get out of jail free card. It is a declarative statement that helps you to begin the process of breaking free of all contracts, agreements, bindings, allegiances, alliances and commitments that are not in alignment with your soul's purpose. 

Do not be afraid to change the energy of your life. It is scary as is all change, but at the other-side of this awakening is a life full of possibilities, happiness and authenticity. 

Soul Contract Revocation

" In the name of I am that I am,

In the name of my Divine Soul Presence,

and in the presence of my Spirit Guides & all Divine Beings of Light,

I (State your name) Decree, Declare, Command, and Intent to cancel

all contracts, agreements, bindings, alliances, allegiances, & commitments that are not of my highest good,

In line with my vibration, and detrimental to my life's purpose.

I am a sovereign Being, No longer influenced by the Lords of Karma.

I am in Authentic Alignment with my Soul's Frequency and choose and design my own life with Free Will , So Be it, and So it is! "


Blessed Be on you Journey. Please look for my blogs to come in the near future. Luna XOXO