Pick A Card Divine Abundance Reading 3/17/21

Divine Abundance Oracle Reading with Psychic Medium Luna Hacker

 Just for a moment quite your mind. Just for a moment know that you are divinely connected, protected, and loved. Take a cleansing breath in and out and then Choose your card. 🙏🏻🔮💜

Once you have chosen your card, Scroll Down. May you be divinely and abundantly blessed.
Luna xx


1- Clearing. “As true offering arises, it becomes easy to let go. You start to trust that more will always arrive. You shift from mine... mine...mine to God’s...God’s...God’s. Such Freedom.”
Lord Ganesha the road opener greets you. Trust in divine abundance. What you think you create. When you accept the universe is full of abundance, you will begin to live in abundance.
Energy is shifting. You are creating the abundance and prosperity that you desire. Do not fear. Spirit knows what you need and has your back. At this time clear the clutter from your mind, your home, your life. What doesn’t serve you is now time to move out. As you remove  what is no longer needed, you open up to divine abundance.


Invoke Ganesha for his help.
“Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha”

2-Liberation. “ The Doubts and fears still come up; you don’t believe anymore that they are you.”
You’ve got this! No more self-defeating talk. No more self- sabotage. Now is the time to step into your power. You can face anything, and you have. You have the power within you to create the life you want.
As you move forward your abundance will grow; happiness, love, prosperity are yours. Accept your divine birthright! When those doubts and fears arise, its ok, but cancel them, tell them you have the power to attract and get what you need, and you do.
In the next few weeks you will feel more liberated from the negative thoughts and walk in your power. Do not ever forget, You’ve got this.
You mantra is “ I am free to attract limitless abundance, prosperity and love into my life.”

3-Worth. “ You have been worthy to belong to love all along. Without any need to improve. In fact, you are love itself.”
The tiger greets you with his energy of courage and determination. The butterflies show you that
renewal is a part of life. Change will come, but you have the power to use the love you so freely give to others for yourself as well. Love is always the answer.
You have the natural ability to help others and be there for those you care about. Now Spirit wants you  to know you have the courage and strength to help yourself navigate any changes life throws at you. But more importantly, Spirit wants you to know that when you care and love yourself first you can attract all the love, and abundance you want.
Remember who you are!
Your mantra is “ I am enough, I have enough, I am loved, I am love.”


 If you would like an in-depth reading with Luna, you can book a phone reading on this website. For in-person at her Marlboro Shoppe, text 845-233-0999 to book. Blessed Be.