Ostara Tarot Spread

Ostara Tarot Spread. As the Wheel of the year continues to turn, we reach the Vernal Equinox, Ostara. Here in the Northern Hemisphere we see the sun continue to migrate northward until we reach Litha, the longest day. 
Ostara is a sacred celebration of life, fertility, transformation and rebirth. Symbols of Ostara are the bunnies and eggs, symbols of birth, and regeneration. 
The Ostara Tarot Spread is about what you want to grow/ focus on for the next few months.

Below find the Ostara Tarot Spread I created for your pleasure. Use any tarot or oracle cards you like. You can also use runes if you choose.

Tarot Spread consists of a 5 card pull.

 Card 1- What do you need to cultivate? What do you need to plant? Your intention?

Card 2- What do you need to bring in for balance? 

Card 3- What you are nurturing? What will grow? 

Card 4- What needs to be weeded? Removed?

Card 5- Message from Goddess/ Spirit

Thank you. Stay tuned for more Tarot Spreads and information on the Wheel of the Year, and all things Witch, and Magickal.

Blessed Be