New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini

Thursday June 10, there is a New 🌙Moon in Gemini ♊️ and a Solar ☀️Eclipse. This New Moon Solar Eclipse is known as “The Ring of Fire Eclipse” because the moon will appear to be smaller than the sun in the sky and will not fully block the sun's light. It will instead appear as a dark disk with a breathtaking red-orange ring of sunlight surrounding it.
This Ring of Fire 🔥 New Moon 🌚 Eclipse is setting things in motion for a new beginning. Shifts are happening to remove what doesn’t serve us and positive change is on the horizon. Spirit is showing us where we are headed in a big way! The energies of the ♊️ gemini moon also represent duality, as above so below, the male and female, day and night, sun and moon. This eclipse highlights this duality. It is a time of change and compromise but also knowing what you want and need. It’s a time to begin creating the life you want! Design your future. Remember that change does not always come easily or pretty and Gemini is not one to go quietly into the dark, so be prepared for energy to be swift moving and possibly overwhelming but in the end it will put you where you need to be! ♊️🌚☀️