Imbolc Tarot Spread

Imbolc, also known as Imbolg is again upon us, as the Wheel of the Year, turns once again. Imbolc is celebrated February 1-2, and also is associated with the Goddess Brigid, as well as the Christian Festival known as Candlemas, and Saint Brigid.  Imbolc's origins are Gaelic and was originally celebrated as a festival marking the beginning of Spring in Ireland, and Scotland. Now it is mostly celebrated by Celtic Wiccans, and other Wiccans & Witches. 

Imbolc means "in the belly" and is associated with the "quickening of the year" where the earth begins to awaken and renew. It is a time associated with the Spring and new beginnings. We are hopeful as the light returns to us, and the days or light gets longer. It is a time of rebirth, clearing out the past, and is a great time to do spring cleaning as well as energetic cleansing and clearing.

Imbolc is associated with the Goddess Brigid who is a Goddess of hearth, home, healing, fire, poetry, metal and smithcraft. She is celebrated by making grass crosses or corn dollies. Sometimes the doll was placed into a straw bed called Bride’s bed along with a wooden club and then burned as an offering for Brigid.

Candles have also become a big part of celebrations of Imbolc as they represent the return of the light.

Divination is also associated with Imbolc and it is a great time to do a tarot spread to receive messages from Spirit.

Below find the Imbolc Tarot Spread I created for your pleasure. Use any tarot or oracle cards you like. You can also use runes if you choose.

Tarot Spread consists of a 4 card pull.

 Card 1- What should I leave behind? Let go of? What no longer serves me?

Card 2- What needs to be illuminated? What do I need to see? To shine light on?

Card 3- What needs to be nurtured? What needs to grow? What should I be doing?

Card 4- Message from Spirit or Goddess.

Thank you. Stay tuned for more Tarot Spreads and information on the Wheel of the Year, and all things Witch, and Magickal.

Blessed Be

Luna XX