111 Angelic Portal

Angelic portals are divine doorways that access higher realms of existence. These portals create an entryway that we can connect to the Divine and Source energies, across space and time. The 111 portal this year is accompanied by the New Moon in Capricorn. The New Moon is a time of reflection, regrouping, meditating, going within, setting goals, opening roads, and engaging new opportunities, and fresh starts. The New Moon in Capricorn invites us to be grounded in our manifestations, enthusiastic, and productive at this time.

The 111 portal accompanied by the New Moon in Capricorn is a magical time and the perfect time to connect with your Angelic and Spiritual guides and Source energy. It is a time to manifest new beginnings and new opportunities, as well as clear out old, stagnant energy with the help of Angels and Guides.

111 in numerology is a master number, which signifies opportunity, divine alignment, fresh ideas, and new possibilities. As an angelic number 111, signifies spiritual awakening, and enlightenment.

Giving us the chance to get messages and connect to our guides and the higher beings of light. It is a time of manifestation and magick.

Today 1/11/2024, in numerology is a 1+11+2+0+2+4), which equals 20, further breaking down (2+0),  equaling a 2. 2 has the energy of harmony, emotional balance, intuition, and partnership. This additionally enhances the energy of the 111 Angelic Portal as a time of enlightenment, becoming, as well as assistance, and partnership of our Angelic Guides and Spiritual Guides. It is truly a time of enlightenment and spiritual growth.

The best way to engage this portal's energy is through meditation, quiet reflection, sound/music, mindfulness, Intention, and manifestation.

When you ask the Angels and your Guides for assistance, they will help you with your desires and needs, especially those for your highest good, and when you approach them not from a place of ego, but love.

When you are done remember to always thank your Angels & Guides. 

The 111 Angelic Portal is available to us strongest from 1/11 through 1/22, with the highest vibrational energies and connections exalted on 1/11, 1/13, and 1/22. 

Blessed Be

Luna xx