What It Means To Me to Be a Priestess, Practicing Witch, and Eclectic Pagan

Recently a client emailed me concerned about what she has come to hear about Pagans.  “Do you consider your work Pagan at all? I don’t know much about that but I don’t think it is good, from what some people infer to me.”
I replied the best I could. Yes. I am a practicing Pagan. I let her know that I believed in an earth-based religion, that I believed in Karma, and that I pray every day.
My concern was that she thought being Pagan meant that you worshiped the “Devil”. I let her know that the Devil is not a deity I worship and that it is a Christian Deity not Pagan.
Every day I encounter people, mostly Christians, who come for a reading from the Psychic Witch, but they never truly realize who I really am, and what I believe in.
This blog will explain a little about what this Eclectic Pagan/ Witch believes in.
I practice magick, the definition of which is “Magick is the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity to will”.   Magick for me is using my will along with candles, herbs, crystals and other tools to help bring about change. Positive Change! You will not find me standing over a cauldron cursing someone no matter what they have done to me or mine!
Now maybe that comes from my Catholic upbringing, “ Do unto others as you would want done onto you”, but I believe in Karma and in Cause and Effect. I try to live my life by a moral and ethical code.
Now sure there are witches out there that will do curses. I am not going to sugar coat this, but I do not personally believe in them. I have better things to do with my time, like trying to heal the situation, not curse the person.
I believe in the Goddess, the Feminine Divine. My Mother is as important to me as Jesus is to the Christians.  The Goddess appears in many forms, she is known by infinite names but here are just a few,  Cerridwen, Hekate, Isis, Astarte, Diana, Kwan Yin, Yemaya, Santa Muerte, Pele, Brid, Demeter, and the Virgin Mary. She is seen in every culture and is worshipped in many forms. She is “Source” for me. I find my peace in her. I pray and worship her in many aspects, and being eclectic gives me that option to feel free to call on her in whatever form I desire.
I am a psychic reader. Being Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, and Clairsentient. I read Tarot, Runes, Bones, Lace, Shells, Angel Cards, Crystals, and can even read someone’s spirit. I find that through my readings I can help others with their everyday lives and the problems they encounter. I try to give spiritual counseling and allow them to come to their own conclusions. Getting the information from Spirit and passing it onto them can help them make informed decisions and facilitate positive changes in their lives.
I am also a Reiki Master, and IET, and Seichim Practitioner. I uses these forms of energy work to help heal others, mind, body and spirit through the channeled energies of the divine.
At the heart of who I am is a woman, mother, and friend. I love animals, plants, and respect all nature.
Even though I follow the path of the Goddess, I still incorporate some of my Catholic beliefs. I still worship Mary, and many Saints. I also still pray to Jesus, as an aspect of the God.
What I believe is not for most. That is ok. It is my path, my choice. I was raised to be a free thinker. I believe no path is wrong, or better than another. I believe all God/ Goddess energy goes to source, and it is just politics to argue over who’s God is all powerful, as they are names for the energy that goes to source ( in this humble person’s opinion)
I chose to live my life based on my own personal ethics and morals, trying to harm none including myself.
Live, Love, Laugh.
I am human, and being so I am not perfect. I was raised to love and respect, be thoughtful and mindful, but not to be a sheep.  I was taught to think for myself, but not to infringe on anyone else’s rights. I am a role model for my daughter, and am one representation of the everyday Pagan Woman.
I look to the Goddess for my everyday strength, support, and honor her in the ways of my ancestors.
Blessed Be/ Ashe