The Witch's Pyramid

When we talk about the foundation of all Magick, we must consider the Four Pillars of all practical and esoteric magick, and that is the Witch’s Pyramid.
The Witch’s Pyramid is also known as the Four Powers of the Magus, The Four Pillars of the Witches’ Temple, The Four Secrets of the Sphinx, the Magician’s Manifesto, and the Hermetic Quaternary.
The concept of the Witch’s Pyramid is believed to originate with Hermitism, and was brought to Western Magick by Occultist Eliphas Levi, but it is likely much older.
The Witch’s Pyramid is the basis for all magickal workings. It represents the philosophy and parameters necessary for witches to create magick.
The elements of which are the four levels of the Witch’s Pyramid, To Know, To Dare, To Will, and To Keep Silent. These four elements coincide with the four cardinal directions.
It is known that once these four elements are brought together that a fifth element will occur and this the element of Spirit, the fifth level To Go.
The Levels/Elements of the Witch’s Pyramid:
To Know (Latin = Noscere) – corresponds to element of Air.
To know directly corresponds to the knowledge and understanding of the principles of magick. Why Witches do what they do. The methodology. Here the mage must seek out the master. The witch learns all they can about all aspects of magick, from basic to advance principles.
Just knowing the ingredients of a spell is not enough. A witch must know why those ingredients are used. How to perform candle magick, how to connect with and invoke Spirit, the right Spirit to use, how to raise the cone of power, how to work with and manage those energies invoked. Etc. The more you know the more effective your magick will be. The Witch must be an eternal student forever increasing their knowledge, which increases their magick, their power.
“Know Thyself”-
To know is associated with the energies of Air such as thought, knowledge, reason, intellect, wisdom, intuition and psychism.
To Dare (Latin=Audere) – corresponds to the element of Water.
To dare directly corresponds to courage, transcending fear, in both what you are doing and creating magickally. Daring to push past all limitations, societal, physical, mental, magickal. Surrendering to all the power and possibilities of a limitless universe. When a Witch employs magick their personal emotions and mental faculties play an important role in the work. They must be ready to meet any challenges courageously and trust in their abilities in order to be successful. Controlling their emotions helps them to push boundaries and dares them to be greater more powerful mages.
“To Fall upon this Knife Rather then enter in Fear”-
To Dare is Associated with the energies of Water. The Witch’s emotions. Courage, Trust, Mutable, Compassion, Fear, Empathy, Love, Hope etc.
To Will (Latin = Velle) – corresponds to the element of Fire.
To will directly corresponds to the energy, the focus, discipline and commitment of a witch. Their ability to raise, command, and wield the energy/power. It is more about conviction, intention, drive and manifesting goals rather than about wishing. A witch must believe in their magick unequivocally. They must experience and sense it with all of their being.
“Keep pure your highest ideal; strive ever toward it; let naught stop you or turn you aside”-
 To will is associated with the energies of determination, focus, manifestation, skill, and desire.
To Keep Silent (Latin=Tacere) – corresponds with the element of Earth.
To Keep Silent corresponds to the maintaining of a clear vision, protecting your vision by not allowing other energies to interfere with your magick. It shows respect and reverence for the energy and the work. If you speak to others about your working the energy may dissipate or be affected by their energies/judgements toward the working.
Silence can also refer to inner quiet, being confident, grounded in your understanding of the work which helps it to be more successful and powerful. There is wisdom in silence. In order to hear the messages from spirit you must be still.
“Speak ye little, listen much
To Keep Silent is associated with reverence, respect, stillness, peace, calm, inner knowing, sacred knowledge, divinity, and power.
To Go (Latin=Ire) – corresponds to the element of Spirit.
To go corresponds to your journey with spirit. It is the manifestation of all the other elements combined. It the evolution of the witch. It is a mastery of the four energies combined coming into perfect harmony and balance. To go is the accumulation of all energies in perfect love and perfect trust. Trusting in yourself and Spirit going where you have never trodden before. It is where Soul meets body, and Spirit meets the Living. It our connection to the Universe, our union with Divinity. It is living to our full potential as a witch, being authentic, and walking your talk.
“Unless thou know the mystery, if that which thou seekest thou findest not within thee, thou wilt never find in without thee”-
To Go is associated with Mastery, Movement, Manifestation, a witch’s oath.
The Witches Pyramid is the building block of magick. It is the foundation of the magickal/esoteric arts and a source to enlightenment.