Paranormal Ramblings with Luna: Topic Ghost Animals.

Recently a question was posed to me. Do Ghost Animals exist? 

I thought this was a great question.  If spirits and ghosts of people exist why not animals?

The simple answer is yes, Ghost Animals do exist. Every living thing has an energetic signature, and like people, animals have this signature, some would call it a soul. This soul or spirit of the animal can linger after death. If you are sensitive to this energy or the energy is strong enough to manifest you can see it.

 I have experienced spirits of deceased pets lingering after they have passed. They can attach to a place as well as a person. I have found personally that even pets not belonging to you can follow you elsewhere.

Spirit animals like people can communicate with you. Your pets may see them; you may see them. They can look like small shadows or you may capture a true sighting of the pet. 

The Haunted Shanley Hotel has the spirit of a ghost cat named " Sweet thing" that belonged to the former deceased owner Sal. A video of that deceased cat can be found here on youtube.  Video credited to Stephen Barcelo.  

Judge for yourself. This cat was not alive when the video was taken.

I have been to the  Haunted Shanley and have gotten EVP's (Electric Voice Phenomena) of a cat meowing when no cat is present.

So next time when you are ghost hunting or even at home after your beloved pet has died, you may find the spirit of a deceased pet or animal lingering.