How to Smudge


What is Smudge or Smudging?

Smudging is a ritual or ceremony to purify or cleanse a person, place or an object. It is used to cleanse or remove negative energies, spirits or influences.

Smudging usually involves the burning of special, sacred plants such as sage, cedar, mugwort, or resins which release the spirit of the plant resulting in a ritual of purification.

(Always try to remember to thank and honor the plant for its help in your ritual.)

One Fans the smoke around a person, about a place or passes an object through it to purify whatever is being smudged.

The most common way to smudge is to use a smudge stick, which is made of leaves of a plant or combination of plants tied together in a bundle and dried.

To use a smudge stick ( or Sage stick) you light the end of the wand and allow its flame to extinguish. Once it is smoldering you are ready to begin.

 Some like to burn loose white sage or other herbs in a shell and again use the smoldering smoke to purify.

Others like to use resin and an incense burner or censor to smudge. Traditionally white sage is used in a smudging ritual.

Offering the smoke to the four directions first is the traditional way to smudge, calling in blessings & protection of each of the directions.

Next fan the smoke around using either a feather, or your hand. Imagining it flow through you drawing out all of the “oogies” or negativity that you have collected in your auric body. Some breathe in the smoke, others do not.

It is best to smudge upwards from the feet moving up, paying special attention to the heart chakra area.

You can start at their front and move around them to the back and continue to smudge clockwise.

When cleansing a room or home, some like to start at the front door and carry the lit smudge clockwise around the area, fanning it with a feather and using a heat proof dish or shell to carry the smudge, paying close attention to corners and behind doors.

If the smudge should go out relight and begin again in the area it went out in. Pay attention to cold spots and follow your intuition, certain areas may stand out to you more. You may prefer to use loose sage or carry your lighter with you to relight as bundle smoke dwindles along the way.

Smudging can be a simple ritual or more in depth as you can tailor it to your needs or desires.

You can use smudge to cleanse before or after a ritual, to cleanse crystals and stones, to cleanse healing rooms, cleanse your home after an argument, or cleanse yourself after a bad day at work or school.

My favorite way to smudge is to use white sage bundles or loose sage, with a feather fan, and an abalone shell or clay dish. You can reuse your sage bundle again and again.

 After smudging I like to burn incense, sweet grass, oils, or resins to bring in positive energies. You want to fill in your cleansed space with positive energies and influences so that negative ones don’t reestablish themselves.

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