Poppets, Voodoo Dolls, Doll Babies

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Poppets also known as Voodoo Dolls and Sometimes Doll babies are use in sympathetic magick. The use of poppets and Voodoo dolls is an ancient practice; they have been used to represent a person, be it female or male and can be customized / personalized for your use.

Each of these poppets are hand made. They come filled with cotton batting but you can open them and fill them with herbs, curios, prayers, petitions etc. Poppets measure approximately 5 inches by 3.5 inches wide.

Poppets can be used for healing, drawing love, happiness, protection, warding off evil, draw money,getting a job, banishing etc. They can be used for cursing and revenge work but a better use of them is for protection and healing. Poppets uses are only limited by your imagination. 

By personalizing you add your own intention, and energy and make a powerful magickal manifestation.


Make a small incision along seam, stuff with herbs, curios, personal concerns, and name papers etc, sew the incision back up. You can write names and sigils on the poppet and anoint with oils as well or add decorations on outside of poppet.

Once your doll is completed you want to baptize it aka name it. Introduce yourself to the poppet, state the poppets name and any intention you have for it.

Keep the poppet in a safe place, such as an altar, or altar box etc.

Work your poppet telling it what you want it to do. When done and your work is completed you can disassemble it, and unlink all ties to the person it represents. You can then dispose of it.

You can keep a poppet for extended periods of time ( keep it in a safe place) as it does its work such as healing work etc.

Color of Poppets:

White: Purification, Cleansing, Purity, Protection and can be used to take the place of all other colors and workings.

Black: Banishing, Binding, Crossing, Cursing, Uncrossing, Protection, Healing etc.

Red: Love, Passion, Romance, Seduction, Intimacy, Potency,  Heart Chakra issues, Protection of Relationships, Healing Blood Issues, Marriage Relationship Issues, Strength, Attraction, etc.

Pink: Love, Friendship, Compassion, Heart Chakra issues, Protection, Relationships, Attraction, Love Drawing, Acceptance, Healing all heart issues.

Yellow: Road Opening, Dispelling Evil, curses, hexes, Happiness, Protection, Success, Positive energies, Drive, Willpower, and Solar Plexus Issues.

Purple: Third eye, Divination, Psychic Development, Psychic Protection, Dream Work, Addiction Release, Success, Crown of Success, Power, Creativity, Wealth, Inspiration, Emotional Release, Royalty, Removal of Curses and Hexes.

Lavender: Psychic Protection, addiction issues, peace, happiness, healing, love, same sex love. 

Green: Heart Chakra Issues, Healing, Love, Abundance, Prosperity, Protection, Money Drawing, Job stability, Luck, New Business Venture, Luck in Gambling, Growth, Strength, Renewal, Peace, Fertility, Creativity, Peace, Getting rid of Jealousy, Protection from Jealousy, Sensitivity, emotional healing.

Blue: Health, Healing, Communication, Peace, Emotional Healing, Throat Chakra issues, Patience, Wisdom, Learning, Win at Court, Legal issues.

Light Blue: Same qualities as blue but comes the results come softer, communication is sweeter, light, not loud, not harsh, emotional healing is not as harsh, or in your face.

Orange: Sex, Fertility, Pregnancy, Sex/Libido issues, Success, Road Opening, Joy, Compassion, Healing, Sacral Chakra issues.

Gray: Neutrality, Clearing out, Justice, Healing, Cleansing, Cursing, jinx removal. 


Item sold as curio only.




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