Kate Morris at Luna Enchanted



We are very pleased to have Kate Morris Kirley offering Energy Healings, Intuitively Guided Vibrational Healing Sessions, & Crystal Bowl Sound Baths at Luna Enchanted. Kate also is facilitating the Monthly Ascension Guidance Healing Group see links below for more information.

Kate Morris is a Usui Reiki Master, Sound Healer, and Angelic Channel. She combines many modalities to balance the chakra system and break through barriers energetically including Reiki, crystals, crystal singing bowls, and tuning forks.

Kate has trained as a vocal toner and uses her voice to assist in clearing sessions when called to do so. She is certified in IET (Intergrated Energy Therapy) and calls in Angelic Beings to help her clients heal from past trauma, and negative patterns.

 Kate is trained in Holographic Sound Healing, and Etheric Reconstruction Surgery. Energy healing is Kate's passion, it has allowed her to personally heal from  her own traumas. It is her wish to help others do the same.

Kate offers Reiki Energy Healings at Luna Enchanted for $55 for 30 Minute Sessions by appointment.

To book a session with Kate or for more information text Luna at 845-233-0999.

Kate also offers Crystal Bowl Sound Baths at Luna Enchanted. Stay tuned for next Sound Bath Date or check FB Events link below.

 Intuitive Guidance Vibrational Healing Sessions with Kate

Ascension Guidance Healing Group with Kate

Check out the Luna Enchanted Shoppe Facebook page for upcoming events with Kate.