Divini-Tea with Luna & Jenni Love

Divini-tea with Luna & Jenni-Love Monthly Meetup.

Come experience new ways of looking at divination. We will highlight tarot, runes and other divination methods.
Energy Exchange $9

We will Work regularly with Tarot cards, and divine messages for each other while learning new ways of looking at and experiencing the cards and their meanings.
Occassionaly we will also explore other divination methods such as runes, bones, crystals, tea and coffee readings and more.

You can also enjoy a delicious glass or cup of tea and snack during our discussions.

Jenni & Luna's Bios:

Jenni Love Hoyt is the co-proprietress of Two Chicks Apothecary in Highland Falls, and BizWitch Owner of Broom, Book & Candle ~ where she ‘gets her witch on’!
She is a gifted MotivationalReader, CardSlinger and ClairsentientEmpath. She often receives mediumship messages and talks to Spirit through her tarot cards, but does not force Spirit in. She prefers the term “Medium-ish”
She also has a YouTube channel “Jenni Love Witch” where she discusses all things magical. 
Jenni Love is a Tarot Reader, Reiki Master, Certified Sound Therapist and Ordained Minister. 

Psychic Luna is the On Air Psychic / Medium for the " Woodman in the Morning Show on K104.7 FM" 
Luna is a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, and Clairsentient Psychic and Channel of Spirit. 
As a Medium/Channel of Spirit she does not force Spirit in. If the Spirit wishes to come in and communicate she will do her best to connect with them. 
As a Channel she also get messages from Spirit guides, Ancestors, the Angelic Realm, and Galactic Guides.
Luna reads tarot cards, runes, bones, shells and Lace.
As a Spiritual Counselor she gives advice on matters of relationships, love, career, finances, and spirituals matters, etc. Psychic Readings are meant to be fun, but also to impart important information to help your daily life.
Luna is a Witch, Energy Healer, Root Worker, Teacher, Artist, Priestess and Ordained Minister.
She is the proprietress of Luna Enchanted.