Ascension Guidance Healing Group with Kate Morris Kirley

Our Next Ascension Guidance Healing Group is on Sunday, 5/21 10:30am-12pm.
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Are you awake and everyone else around you is still stuck in 3D sleeping?
Have you gone through or are still going through the dark night of the soul?
Do you identify as an empath, starseed, indigo, crystal or rainbow child?
Do you feel like you want to expand your self awareness and relate to others while healing?
If you answered yes to one of more of these questions….
Join facilitator Kate Morris Kirley for a monthly meetup to discuss the current Ascension energies. We will share experiences and tools to navigate through these exciting yet challenging times. Each class will feature a short grounding meditation and close with a sound bowl healing intended to clear our chakras and upgrade our vibration with the assistance from various sources including ascended masters, and ascension, angelic extraterrestrial and other guides.
Attendees are encouraged to bring journal, pen, water and yoga mat for sound healing if you would like to lay down.
Sharing the latest information (energetic, astrological & more) and personal experiences related to ascension as well as using sound as an intention to heal is the purpose of this event.
Energy exchange $27
Call or text Luna to reserve your spot! 845-233-0999
Open to all
Ongoing Monthly workshop, usually the 3rd Sunday of every month.
You do not need to attend every month as each classes’ focus is different according to the current topics and energies.
Welcome to anyone interested in learning more about ascension, healing karma, law of attraction, light language, and more.
Attendees will further their connection to their guides.
Walk-ins welcome
What is Ascension? Ascension is essentially the rise in individual and collective consciousness. It’s your personal and humanity’s journey of spiritual growth. As a planet we are experiencing shifts and upgrades in vibrations that affect us whether we are aware or not.
Ascension may lead to what is known as ascension symptoms.
Symptoms include-
* Ringing in the ears
* Sleep interruption
* Feeling drained of energy
* Frequent headaches or pressure in the head
* Heart palpitations or fluttering sensations
* Sudden or extreme changes in body temperature
* Feeling as you don’t belong or detached from the external world - you may be coming aware that you are more than what you thought you were
* An increased sensitivity to nature - becoming aware you are part of the whole
* A sudden increase in synchronicity - your frequency and vibration is matching that of the higher source
* Becoming more introverted - you may be feeling the need go inward for answers
You are not alone if you have experienced the above symptoms. These are just some of the most common.
Join Kate for Ascension Guidance and Healing Group.
Kate Morris Kirley is a life long spiritual seeker and began studying the healing arts specifically in 2015.
She is a certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and has completed trainings in many modalities including Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Holographic Sound Therapy and Tuning Fork Therapy.

Kate holds space and facilitates healings by intuitively channeling Divine energy.
Her passion and calling is to share the spiritual knowledge and tools she has spent years developing. Working on healing her own trauma and the results she has had using spiritual tools and practices inspires her to assist others in healing their traumas and negative programming.
Text Luna to reserve your spot! 845-233-0999.