Allie the Astrologer

              Allie is back~ Our Favorite Astrologer Allie Shultz is back doing charts and guidance readings at Luna Enchanted. 

She will be available by appointment the first and third Thursday of the month. Please book in advance. 

Allie will be offering both Astrology Guidance readings which uses the transits of where you are now with tarot and Astrological Chart Readings.

Also offered, but must be booked in advance...
A full natal chart reading 1 hour $99, gives you all the planets, asteroids, and how they affect you. Allie gives you a printed chart and how these planets make you who you are. This reading needs your birthday, time, and place. Allie needs at least 4 days to put this reading together.

For those who want an on the spot reading.. you can have the following.

Guidance Reading is $55 for half hour. $99 for hour.
It is you natal chart and how the astrology is affecting you currently. This reading can look at whatever questions you have about your current life path, work, love, happiness. She will also give you guidance through her astrological tarot.

This reading can help you on your current life path and to see what can and will be coming up as well. You will need your birthday, place, and time if available for the best reading possible.

Allies Bio:

Allie is a self-taught astrologer who began studying in her early teen years by reading and researching on her own. She has been doing both astrology and tarot readings for several years and runs a successful Instagram page, website and weekly astrological forecast blog. Her latest venture is writing bi-weekly sun sign horoscopes for

To book either of these readings you can call Luna at 845-233-0999 or Facebook Luna or email

Allie will also be available for phone readings.


 We are pleased to announce Allie will also be doing monthly Horoscopes for Luna, starting December 2018.