Saint Expedite Talisman

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Saint Expedite Talisman.

St.. Expedite is called upon when there is urgent need, in dire circumstances and when you need help to manifest favor, or something very quickly.

St. Expeditus is said to have been a Roman centurion in Armenia who was martyred around April, 303, for converting to Christianity.

He is depicted as a Roman soldier, holding a palm leaf in his left hand, and raising a cross with the word hodie (today) on it. His right foot is stepping on a crow, which is speaking the word "cras" (tomorrow).

St. Expedite's day is Wed, and this amulet was made on his day at the hour of his number.

It contains crystals and herbs associated with St. Expedite and Fast moving energies and luck.

St. Expedite's feast day is April 19 and he will bring you blessings if you serve him on his feast day.

He is known as the unofficial patron Saint of New Orleans.

He is called upon for emergencies and is considered Patron saint of Sailors, Fishermen, Shop keepers, procrastinators, anyone who needs financial help fast.

In Vodou St. Expedite is associated with the Baron Samedi, keeper of the dead a powerful Lwa in Voodoo, and in Haitian Vodou he is associated with Baron La Croix. St. Expedite is a Spirit who brings protection and psychic protection and fast help to those who are in need and petition him.

If you invoke him and ask him to help you leave a proper offering such as a piece of sara lee ( yes that frozen cake) pound cake for him, he will love your offering ;) a glass of cool water, and some pretty white flowers.

He is a powerful Saint and Spirit and if you ask him for fast luck or to bring you something quickly you should give him a thank you offering as things can be taken away just as quickly as they are given if you do not honor him.

The little glass ball only about 1 1/2 inches is filled with herbs roots and crystals. Including Black Tourmaline.

The ball has a Saint Expedite Medal as well.  

This taliman has been blessed with Holy Water from the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes, In the Bronx, NY. This very special Holy place has healing and miracles associated with it. 
It has been charged with Reiki and IET, Intergrated Energy Therapy, ( Healing with the Angels) and a special ritual.

It has been prayed over from start to finish by Luna of Luna Enchanted.

Hang in  home, office, business, or car to draw protection, prosperity and draw need. Makes a great gift.


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