Garrapato (Stick Like A Tick) Love Spell

  • $27.00

Do you want to attract your lover strong? Do you want them around you and to desire you only? Do you want them to stick by your side? Do you want to draw your lover away from another and only to you?

Garrapato (Stick Like A Tick) Love Spell Kit is made with Garrapato (Stick Like a Tick) Oil, which is a powerful attraction love oil that makes you lover stick to you like a tick!

This spell is said to change energy and bring your love closer to you and help them to have eyes for only you, to stick by you  and not leave.

Luna's Version of Garrapato (Stick like a Tick) comes with a people couple candle, Garrapato oil, parchment paper, Luna's incantation, and full instructions.

Item sold as curio only.

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