Collection: Crystals, Stones and Gemstones

Crystals, stones, and gemstones are said to carry the wisdom of the earth and are often called “wisdom keepers”. Their stone hearts are created from within the earth with thousands and even millions of years of Earths wisdom infused into them.

Crystals, stones, and gemstones have associated mythology and folklore. They are said to be useful for healing, divination, magick, self-confidence, happiness, prosperity, success, love, protection, psychic development and much more. 

Each stone is Spirit's and the Earth's combined unique creation. They are said to have a vibration and energy that is living and useful.

Stones are not only beautiful but are said to have the ability to change one's energy and life.

For Example Rose Quartz aka the "Love Stone" is said to draw and keep love in one's life.

Luna has a breathtaking collection of unique and beautiful stones that can aid anyone in their spiritual pursuits.



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